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June 20th 2023

Six Healing Sounds Qigong
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Recently I have been going to a Healing Sounds class at the beautiful Greenhouse School of Yoga, in Craig Cefn Parc.  We practice the “Six Healing Dao Sounds”.  The philosophy behind it is that emotions affect our health.  So, feelings like anger, sadness worry and fear are stored in our energy fields and don’t make us feel good.  We focus on different organs in the body, where these emotions are held, and make different sounds to release the negative emotions.  This practice is very healing and leaves you feeling serene and relaxed.  

Click here to watch Six Healing Sounds video

This is our teacher, Tanya’s website: 

June 14th 2023

Growing organic veg

Our courgette plants

I love organic veg so I thought I'd have a go at growing some. I'm surprised at how easy it seems to be.  These courgette plants have been grown from seed, I then planted them into growbags. Our local organic greengrocer Frostys kindly gave me some coffee grinds which have done a great job of keeping the slugs off ? and fertilising them.  Putting them on the patio table seems to have been a deterrent also.  Anyway, they seem to be doing well so far.  Maybe the unusually fine weather has helped…  more...

May 2023

Indian Head Massage

Client receiving Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage began as a technique focusing on massage of the head but has evolved over time.  The technique I follow also incorporates the upper back, shoulders, arms and neck.

Although the treatment focuses on the upper part of the body, it has a beneficial relaxing result on the whole body, enabling relief form stress and from muscular tension.

The treatment I give is through clothing, with the client seated on a chair.  So, it’s quite accessible as it doesn’t require undressing or the use of oils.  If you can’t lie flat due to pain, discomfort or breathlessness, you can still receive a relaxing massage treatment...  more...

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Hazrat Inayat Khan

Hazrat Inayat Khan, the great Sufi mystic, is credited with bringing Sufism to the West. He taught Universal Sufism which emphasized the communality of all religions and can be valid to anyone, regardless of their religious or other belief.

Inayat Khan also had a great deal to say about health and healing. In the Book of Health, he talks about the importance of harmony in maintaining good health...  more...


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